I don’t know how to start a (classic) game
Use the menu key, go to “New Game”, select the type (classic), select at least one player (the first time, you have to create a player), continue with the wizard (time limitation, confirmation, …).
Then, you’ll see the board and the name(s) of the player(s) at the top. You just have to press the green arrow in the top right corner to switch to the first/next player. It’ll start the game.

I don’t know how to finish the game
The game is finished when one player has no letter anymore (and there is no more letter in the bag) or when player did pass twice in a row.

I don’t see any letter, just ads
To play, you must create a “New Game” (with the menu button or the icon in the top left corner) with, at least, one Human player.

I don’t know the word the Droid is playing
The Droid knows every word in the dictionary, even those which are very uncommon.
Dictionaries cannot satisfy everyone, but in every language, every word in the dictionary is valid according to the reference dictionary used in Scrabble© tournaments (TWL or SOWPODS for english, ODS for french, …).

My word is correct, but the game does not accept it
In some languages (like french), the reference dictionary for Scrabble© tournaments is under licensing terms. I cannot use it freely. So, some valid words are not known by My Word Game. Sorry!
And even with the reference dictionaries (SOWPODS, TWL, …), some words are missing!

I want to pass
Long press on the yellow arrow in the top right corner. If there are some letters left in the bag, you can change some letters at the same time.

I want to change my letters
Long press on the yellow arrow in the top right corner. If there is no letter left in the bag, you can only pass, without changing any letter.

The score of the word is not correct
You have found a bug. Maybe.
Or you didn’t notice that the values of the letters differ from the famous Scrabble© game.

The word is accepted, but the definition is not found
Sources for dictionary (the word list contained in the game) and the definitions (Wiktionary site on the net) are not the same. A word may be valid for the game, but not (yet) defined on the Wiktionary web site.

The scores are not kept
I have chosen to remove every finished game, to keep the application (and your device) clean.
Perhaps, in a future release, I will add an option to memorize every finished game.

I want to remove a game
In the game list (menu, then “Started Game”), you can delete a game with a long press on its name.
Because it is in use, you cannot remove the current game.

I never saw how to access definition
I miss time, so access to definitions is only available for french or english dictionaries.
Perhaps in a future release… Stay tuned.


6 Responses to “My Word Game > FAQ (en)”

  1. Margaret Pond Says:

    What do you do after you select a player and a new game? I don’t how to start the game. Thanks.

  2. Please could we have the ability to update the dictionary? There are many valid English words missing and it would be good to be able to add missing words when found. Or maybe we could have away to import other dictionaries? Otherwise this is an excellent alternative to the official Scrabble.

    • aubel.r Says:

      Hi Keith,

      Thank you for your message!

      The dictionary embedded within the application is mainly for US users.
      From “preferences”, you can download another english dictionary (English 250kw) , bigger.

      Users can not add words directly to the dictionary.
      But, if you know another dictionary, free of rights, I can try to add it to the list.



  3. charls Says:

    I do not like that fact that we can see each other tiles. How can I fix this. Can we hide them or?

  4. charls Says:

    Hi. Anyone know how I could hide the tiles? It’s very annoying when you can sed each others tiles. Thx

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